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5 subcategories for "Health Education"

Disease/Disability Information

Programs that provide information about the causes and origins, preventive measures, symptoms, screening/diagnostic procedures, and/or methods of treatment or management... (more)

LH-2700.1700 - View 2 resources »

First Aid Instruction

Programs that instruct the public in the basic lifesaving techniques involved in the administration of emergency assistance to individuals who have been injured or otherwise... (more)

LH-2700.2000 - View 1 resources »

General Health Education Programs

Programs that provide information that helps the public make choices which promote personal health, prevent illness and disability, take advantage of opportunities for early... (more)

LH-2700.2500 - View 2 resources »

Medication Information/Management

Programs that conduct a review of the prescription and over-the-counter medication and other substances (e.g., herbal remedies, vitamins and other supplements, illegal drugs)... (more)

LH-2700.5000 - View 1 resources »

Organ/Tissue Transplant Education Programs

Programs that provide information that improves the public's understanding of organ and tissue transplantation, its history, current legislation pertaining to donation, the... (more)

LH-2700.6400 - View 1 resources »