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6 subcategories for "Community Economic Development and Finance"

Banking and Financial Services

Organizations that are engaged in transactions involving the creation, liquidation or change in ownership of financial assets and/or facilitating financial transactions. (more)

TB-0700 - View 2 resources »

Business Development

Programs that provide technical assistance, financing and a wide variety of other services that support the attraction, expansion and retention of local businesses, assure... (more)

TB-0900 - View 5 resources »

Business Support Organizations/Services

Organizations that perform any of a wide variety of routine support tasks for businesses and, in some cases, the general public which may include graphic or industrial design... (more)

TB-1100 - View 1 resources »

Community Development Corporations

Nonprofit community-based organizations formed by residents, small business owners, faith congregations and other local stakeholders to revitalize low and/or moderate income... (more)

TB-1500 - View 2 resources »

Housing Development

Programs that monitor and analyze the current housing environment in a community and provide support for the development, finance, management and preservation of a mix of... (more)

TB-3000 - View 7 resources »

Tourism Development

Programs that provide tourism marketing and development strategies for local communities. Also included are programs that provide incentives for the development or expansion... (more)

TB-8700 - View 17 resources »