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A Guide to Services Associated with RI 2-1-1

Gambling Self Exclusion Programs

Code: DF-8000.3010

Programs that provide a way for people to voluntarily ban themselves from a casino or other gambling establishments in order to deal with gambling problems. The programs may be mandated by the government or voluntarily established by casinos and other gaming operators. The casino agrees to remove the self-excluded person from its direct mail lists and to revoke privileges for casino services such as casino-issued markers, player club/card privileges and on-site check-cashing. Self-exclusion programs vary widely in terms of their administration and the number of years a person remains on the self-exclusion list once signed on to the program (many require a lifetime ban); and under most agreements, the individual risks trespassing charges if she or he attempts to return to the casino and forfeits any winnings. In addition to casinos, many racetracks and even a few state lotteries offer self-exclusion programs in which anyone can enroll.

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