Rhode Island Resource Directory

A Guide to Services Associated with RI 2-1-1

Toy/Game Donation Programs

Code: TI-1800.4500-900

Programs that accept new or secondhand toys, games, puzzles and other similar items; repair them if necessary; and keep them for use in their own program or donate them to toy lending libraries, family shelters, foster care programs and other community-based organizations for distribution to the people they serve.

See Also:

Toy and Doll Museums (TA-5500.8900)

Holiday Gift/Toy Distribution Volunteer Opportunities (PX-8000.3000-330)

Holiday Gift/Food Drive Volunteer Opportunities (PX-8000.3000-300)

Toy Collector Clubs (PS-8200.1400-850)

Doll Collector Clubs (PS-8200.1400-170)

Doll Making Clubs (PS-8200.0550-190)

Doll Making Instruction (PL-7400.0500-190)

Toys/Toy Loan (PL-7200.8500)

Holiday Gifts/Toys (PH-2950.3200)

Adapted Toys (LH-0600.7000-080)

Toy Safety Education (JR-8200.6500-850)

Toy Safety Complaints (DD-1500.9500)