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4 subcategories for "Local Transportation"

Local Automobile Transportation

Organizations that provide or arrange for automobile or van transportation for individuals who want to travel within their community or to other nearby communities. (more)

BT-4500.4500 - View 1 resources »

Local Bus Services

Programs that utilize buses to transport people to a specific destination (e.g., an airport or senior center) or to other locations within the community (e.g., a shopping mall... (more)

BT-4500.4700 - View 2 resources »

Local Water Transportation

Programs that utilize water taxis, ferries and other vessels to transport people within the limits of a city, a metropolitan area, the county or a multicounty region, or to... (more)

BT-4500.4950 - View 1 resources »

Paratransit Programs

Programs that provide flexibly scheduled and routed transportation services using low capacity vehicles such as vans for community residents who do not have private... (more)

BT-4500.6500 - View 7 resources »