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4 subcategories for "Courts"

Federal Courts

Courts that are part of the judicial branch of the U.S. government which hear and rule on appeals from lower courts or which are especially established by Congress to deal... (more)

FC-2000 - View 1 resources »

State Court of Appeals

Intermediate appellate courts that, in most states, hear appeals from cases decided in state trial courts. In states with this court structure, decisions by the State Courts... (more)

FC-7800 - View 4 resources »

State Supreme Court

The highest court within the state judicial system in most states. It decides the most important issues of constitutional and statutory law and is intended to provide legal... (more)

FC-8000 - View 1 resources »

State Trial Courts

State trial courts located in local judicial districts that have jurisdiction in all cases in equity, cases involving title to or possession of real property, civil cases,... (more)

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