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4 subcategories for "Crime Prevention"

Bullying Prevention

Programs that attempt to reduce the incidence of bullying, a form of violence among children, on school playgrounds, in neighborhoods and in homes, through a variety of... (more)

FN-1500.1000 - View 1 resources »

Cybercrime Prevention

Programs that help individuals, organizations and the general public protect themselves against situations in which their access to the Internet or use of a mobile phone or... (more)

FN-1500.1750 - View 1 resources »

Underage Drinking Prevention

Programs that seek to increase the effectiveness of efforts by states and local communities to enforce underage drinking laws, prevent underage drinking, and eliminate the... (more)

FN-1500.8960 - View 1 resources »

Youth Violence Prevention

Programs that attempt to reduce the incidence of violent acts committed by youth on the streets, in the schools or in other settings through a variety of educational... (more)

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