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4 subcategories for "Early Childhood Education"

Early Head Start

A federally-funded child development and family support program that provides early education, health, mental health, nutrition and social services for low-income pregnant... (more)

HD-1800.1800 - View 18 resources »

Head Start

A federally-funded child development program that provides educational experiences, medical and dental services, nutritional meals, counseling and opportunities for parental... (more)

HD-1800.3000 - View 29 resources »


Programs that provide educational experiences and activities for children who are younger than compulsory school age, supplement parental care and home play and stimulate... (more)

HD-1800.6500 - View 129 resources »

School Readiness Programs

Programs sponsored by states, local municipalities or local nonprofits that prepare children, usually age three to five, to succeed in school. The programs are modeled on Head... (more)

HD-1800.8000 - View 2 resources »