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4 subcategories for "Postsecondary Institutions"


Postsecondary educational institutions that offer the highest possible level of formal learning in various fields and disciplines for people who meet entry level requirements... (more)

HD-6000.1300 - View 16 resources »

Professional Schools

Postsecondary educational institutions, often affiliated with colleges or universities, that provide opportunities for people who have completed their undergraduate education... (more)

HD-6000.6200 - View 2 resources »

Schools of the Arts

Postsecondary educational institutions that offer a curriculum that focuses on one or a number of visual or performing arts including fine arts, industrial arts, commercial... (more)

HD-6000.8000 - View 2 resources »

Technical/Trade Schools

Postsecondary educational institutions that offer training in specific technical occupations and skilled and semiskilled trades for individuals who have graduated from high... (more)

HD-6000.9000 - View 3 resources »