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4 subcategories for "Guidance and Counseling"

College/University Entrance Support

Programs that provide information and guidance for high school students and others who are preparing for or in the process of choosing and applying for admission to a college,... (more)

HL-2500.1500 - View 3 resources »

Educational Therapy

Programs that provide diagnostic and treatment services which combine psychotherapeutic and tutorial techniques for individuals who have learning disabilities, dyslexia,... (more)

HL-2500.1800 - View 1 resources »

Higher Education Awareness/Support Programs

Programs that encourage students, usually in middle school or high school, to consider higher education and to gain the skills necessary to be successful in the college,... (more)

HL-2500.2900 - View 3 resources »

Higher Education Bridge Programs

Programs that provide assistance and support for individuals entering college with the objective of improving retention and ensuring that they have an equal footing with other... (more)

HL-2500.3000 - View 1 resources »