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8 subcategories for "Outpatient Health Facilities"

Community Clinics

Consumer-based, community-controlled, nonprofit outpatient facilities that provide basic health care including physical examinations, immunizations, family planning, nutrition... (more)

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Indian Health Service Clinics

Health centers, health stations and other outpatient facilities operated by the Indian Health Service that provide ambulatory medical care, preventive and outpatient... (more)

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Medicare Part B Providers

Physician services and outpatient health care providers that accept Medicare Part B as a means of payment. Providers include physicians and physicians' groups; physical,... (more)

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Mobile Health Care

Programs that use specially equipped mobile vehicles to deliver basic health care services to vulnerable and/or remote populations that are unable to access a community health... (more)

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Nurse Practitioner Clinics

Programs staffed by nurse practitioners that provide walk-in preventive health services and treatment for people who have minor ailments such as ear and eye infections, strep... (more)

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Urgent Care Centers

Programs, which may be available on a 24-hour basis, that provide walk-in treatment services for people who have minor illnesses or injuries. Urgent care centers serve as an... (more)

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Veteran Outpatient Clinics

Outpatient medical facilities operated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs that provide routine primary medical care for eligible veterans. Services generally include x... (more)

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Women's Health Centers

Programs that provide comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services which focus on conditions that are typically seen in women. Women's health centers provide services in an... (more)

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