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Home/Community Based Developmental Disabilities Programs

LR-3100 - view full service definition

See also: Disability Related Center Based Employment, Self Help Instruction

3 subcategories for "Home/Community Based Developmental Disabilities Programs"

Day Treatment for Adults With Developmental Disabilities

Programs that provide diagnostic, treatment and habilitative services for adults with developmental disabilities. The programs may be available on a full or part day basis;... (more)

LR-3100.1750 - View 2 resources »

Developmental Disabilities Day Habilitation Programs

Community-based programs that provide long-term personal and social development opportunities within a structured environment for individuals with developmental disabilities... (more)

LR-3100.1800 - View 2 resources »

In Home Developmental Disabilities Habilitation Programs

Programs that provide habilitation services whose goal is to help individuals with developmental disabilities who reside within the family home achieve maximum independence,... (more)

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