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Supportive Substance Use Disorder Services

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5 subcategories for "Supportive Substance Use Disorder Services"

Drug Related Harm Reduction Programs

Programs whose objectives are to protect people from the potentially deadly effects of the drugs they use, reduce HIV risk, increase access to treatment services and reduce... (more)

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Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiatives

Programs established by local police departments that have made a decision to encourage individuals with an opioid use disorder to seek medical care and ongoing treatment as... (more)

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Substance Use Disorder Drop In Programs

Programs based on a harm reduction model that provide a safe and supportive environment which allows individuals who use drugs and/or alcohol to drop in and access multiple... (more)

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Substance Use Disorder Hotlines

Programs that provide immediate assistance for people who have problems related to excessive use of alcohol and/or use of other drugs or are at risk of a substance use related... (more)

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Substance Use Disorder Referrals

Programs that link people who are in need of drug and/or alcohol use disorder services with appropriate resources. (more)

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