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Employment Preparation

ND-2000 - view full service definition

See also: Vocational Education

4 subcategories for "Employment Preparation"

Career Development

Programs that help people make appropriate decisions regarding the sequence of occupational roles or work experiences through which they will move during their working lives. (more)

ND-2000.1500 - View 10 resources »

Job Training Formats

Programs that offer apprenticeships, training through business practice firms, classroom training, internships, on-the-job training, work experience or other formats for... (more)

ND-2000.3500 - View 4 resources »

Occupation Specific Job Training

Programs that provide training in the technical competencies unique to a specific occupation that are required for successful workplace performance. The training may be... (more)

ND-2000.6400 - View 42 resources »

Prejob Guidance

Programs that provide instruction for people who need to acquire the basic "soft skills" and tools that are required to successfully apply for and secure employment, and... (more)

ND-2000.6500 - View 5 resources »