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Household Related Public Assistance Programs

NL-3000 - view full service definition

3 subcategories for "Household Related Public Assistance Programs"

Child Care Expense Assistance

Programs that cover all or part of the cost of child care in public and licensed private child care centers or private family child care homes, usually for low-income families... (more)

NL-3000.1500 - View 10 resources »

Family Caregiver Subsidies

Programs that use federal, state, local and/or other funding to provide financial assistance for family members (or other persons such as neighbors) who are serving as... (more)

NL-3000.1900 - View 3 resources »

Respite Care Subsidies

Programs that cover all or a portion of the cost of respite care in the home or in community settings/facilities in situations where family members, guardians or others who... (more)

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