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A Guide to Services Associated with RI 2-1-1

Language Proficiency Testing

Code: HL-2000.4400

Programs that administer tests which assess the ability of examinees to speak, understand, read and/or write English or any of a wide variety of other languages. The examinations may measure different levels of competency and may test oral language capabilities (how well individuals understand and express themselves in a language including their vocabulary and grammar), reading comprehension and/or written language competency (how well individuals write in a particular language and/or are able to translate to and from that language). In some instances, the cultural competency of examinees is also measured. Language proficiency examinations may be given to the current or potential employees of organizations in situations where mastery of a particular language is a work requirement, to students who need a minimum level of proficiency to succeed in their classes, to students who have studied a foreign language (e.g., in high school) to assure appropriate college/university-level course placement, to individuals who want to teach in a particular language and to people who need to demonstrate proficiency for other reasons.

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