Rhode Island Resource Directory

A Guide to Services Associated with RI 2-1-1

Fire Stations

Code: JR-1950

Locations throughout the community which house fire equipment and personnel.

See Also:

Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Programs (FN-1500.3700)

Arson Offender Registries (FN-1500.6250-050)

Fire Services (JR-1900)

Burning Bans (JR-8000.0900)

Key Lock Box Systems (JR-8400.4000)

Fire Services Volunteer Opportunities (PX-1900.2200-200)

Juvenile Firesetter Treatment Programs (RP-1400.8000-375)

Firefighting Museums (TA-5500.2000)

Community Planning and Public Works (TE)

Air Tankers (TH-1700.1600-060)

Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Vehicles (TH-1700.1600-090)

Fire Engines (TH-1700.1600-330)

Fireboats (TH-1700.1600-350)

Firefighting Helicopters (TH-1700.1600-370)

Fire Corps (TH-1700.1910-150.20)

Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation (TH-1800.1900-100)