Rhode Island Resource Directory

A Guide to Services Associated with RI 2-1-1

Child Abuse Volunteer Opportunities

Code: PX-2300.0200-150

Community organizations that are actively seeking individuals with the requisite skills and experience who are willing to work on a voluntary basis without remuneration on any of a variety of projects which attempt to prevent child abuse or provide supportive services for abused children and/or the individuals responsible for the abuse.

See Also:

Children's Rights Groups (TD-1600.3100-140)

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Parenting Skills Classes (PH-6100.6800)

Family Group Conferencing (PH-2360.2300)

Child Abuse Medical Evaluations (LF-7000.1550)

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Child Advocacy Centers (FT-3000.1450)

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Family Crisis Shelters (BH-1800.1500-200)

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