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A Guide to Services Associated with RI 2-1-1

Firefighting Museums

Code: TA-5500.2000

Institutions that acquire, preserve, research and exhibit permanent and/or traveling collections of artifacts which relate to the history of firefighting from the days of bucket brigades to the present, either in general or as it evolved in a specific community. Included may be authentic examples of hand pulled, horse drawn, steam or motor driven fire engines; fire extinguishers; glass fire grenades; fire alarms and bells; leather fire buckets and hoses; fire axes; fire helmets and uniforms from different eras; fire badges; fire service patches; replicas of historical firehouses; antique fire toys; photographs and other memorabilia associated with historic fires and those who fought them; fire marks and old fire insurance policies; firefighting art work; exhibits which illustrate the development of firefighting technology; and other similar materials. Special exhibits and fire safety education programs may provided for children.

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