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5 subcategories for "Adult Education"

Adult Basic Education

Programs, usually offered by community adult schools or as evening classes at local high schools, that provide instruction in fundamental learning skills for adults who have... (more)

HH-0500.0500 - View 13 resources »

Citizenship Education

Programs that prepare individuals to take the oath of U.S. citizenship and to exercise the attendant rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Citizenship courses help... (more)

HH-0500.1500 - View 2 resources »

Continuing Education

Programs, usually offered as adjuncts to community college, college or university programs, that provide credit-granting and/or noncredit courses for adults who are seeking... (more)

HH-0500.1600 - View 2 resources »

Graduation Requirements Programs

Programs, usually offered by community adult schools, that provide opportunities for adults and eligible minors who have not completed their formal education to earn eighth... (more)

HH-0500.2500 - View 27 resources »

Second Language Programs

Programs that focus on development of proficiency in reading, writing and speaking a language or languages other than the mother tongue, that are needed to perform day-to-day... (more)

HH-0500.8000 - View 41 resources »