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5 subcategories for "Public Safety"

Fire Services

Programs that are responsible for preventing, investigating, controlling and extinguishing fires. Activities include fire safety education, firefighting, investigating the... (more)

JR-1900 - View 3 resources »

Fire Stations

Locations throughout the community which house fire equipment and personnel. (more)

JR-1950 - View 52 resources »

Safety Advisories

Programs that issue bulletins to update the public about road or weather conditions, warn them of imminent threats to public health or which otherwise inform them of... (more)

JR-8000 - View 1 resources »

Safety Education Programs

Programs whose primary purpose is to make the public aware of the measures that people can take to reduce the risk of fires or accidents in the home, at school, at work, in... (more)

JR-8200 - View 6 resources »

Safety Equipment

Programs that supply equipment that people can use for increased protection while engaging in high risk activities such as working on construction sites; or devices that sound... (more)

JR-8400 - View 7 resources »