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4 subcategories for "Domestic Animal Services"

Animal Regulation

Programs that establish and enforce local ordinances that govern the conditions under which domestic animals are kept and permitted in public. (more)

PD-0700 - View 55 resources »

Pet Care Services

Programs that provide pet-related supplies or services which enable pet owners to acquire a pet and/or take care of their pet's needs. (more)

PD-6250 - View 8 resources »

Protective Services for Animals

Programs that provide a variety of services that shield domestic animals from harm in the form of cruelty, abuse, neglect or exploitation. Included are services for abandoned,... (more)

PD-7600 - View 32 resources »

Veterinary Services

Programs that provide diagnostic and treatment services for animals who have illnesses, injuries or emotional problems; and which euthanize animals who are aged or in severe... (more)

PD-9000 - View 7 resources »