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9 subcategories for "Information Services"

Electronic Information Resources

Programs that permit individuals using personal computers equipped with modems and communications software to access information and services that reside on or are available... (more)

TJ-1800 - View 3 resources »

Information and Referral

Programs whose primary purpose is to maintain information about human service resources in the community and to link people who need assistance with appropriate service... (more)

TJ-3000 - View 24 resources »

Information Sources

Programs that provide information about a particular topic or service that interested individuals can access on a website or in person, or by telephone, email, chat, text or... (more)

TJ-3200 - View 5 resources »


Facilities which house a collection of materials including books, manuscripts, journals, government documents and nonprint formats such as paintings, musical recordings,... (more)

TJ-4400 - View 68 resources »

Library Services

Libraries and other facilities that offer a range of activities and services which are designed to meet the information and learning needs of patrons and to facilitate their... (more)

TJ-4500 - View 11 resources »


Radio and television stations, book publishers, newspaper publishers, producers and distributors of film and video and other members of the media and communications industries... (more)

TJ-5500 - View 6 resources »

Public Awareness/Education

Programs that utilize a wide variety of materials including pamphlets and other literature, media presentations, speakers, workshops, directories, newsletters and outreach and... (more)

TJ-6500 - View 33 resources »

Reading Services for People With Disabilities

Programs that provide people with visual impairments or other disabilities that limit their ability to read print material with access to recorded tapes, readings from current... (more)

TJ-6750 - View 1 resources »

Service Sector/Industry Statistics

Programs that are responsible for collecting, tabulating, presenting and analyzing statistics which relate to the activities of agencies, businesses and other organizations... (more)

TJ-8000 - View 7 resources »